Interrogative pronouns in Brazilian Portuguese


This post is about four interrogative pronouns and their variations in Portuguese.

These are some of the pronouns used to ask questions in Portuguese.

1 –WHAT means 02 words in Portuguese: O quê/o que e qual.

O que você disse? (What did you say?)

O quê? (What?)

Qual seu endereço? (What’s your address?)

02 – WHO means quem.

Quem é? (Who is it?)

03 – WHERE means onde or aonde.

Onde você está? (Where are you?)

Aonde você vai? / Você vai aonde? (Where are you going?)

Aonde is used with verbs that indicate movement. However in Brazilian Portuguese most native speakers use onde and aonde interchangeably, which is acceptable when speaking but not writing. In fact, you hear onde for all situations as people tend to forget about aonde.

04 – WHEN means quando.

Quando você viaja? (When do you travel?)

Você chegou quando? (When did you arrive?)

It’s very common to place the pronoun at the end of questions in Brazilian Portuguese.

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